Handouts & Worksheets

Here you’ll find worksheets  and handouts all aimed at helping students learn Japanese. You’ll be able to search either year level or topics, or combine both for a narrower search.

Teacher Resources

Teaching Resources

Need some print outs for flash cards, posters and other templates? Check out Classroom Games and Activities for some ideas. Worksheets and Units & Guides work in  conjunction with teacher resources.

Classroom Activities

Classroom Games & Activities

Take a peek in Games and activities to find out how to play some great interactive activities. Games are a fun way to help students improve their Japanese and become engaged. Many games and activities do require materials in order to play. However most can be easily made. Materials and templates can be found in the Teacher Resources section.

Japanese Learning Links

Online Activities

Useful sites containing abundant Japanese teaching resources. Some sites are aimed more towards students research self learning. Other sites you’ll find more teacher resources, templates, teaching ideas and activities.


Recommended IPAD Apps

You’ll be able to find lots of great apps at the Itunes store. Here we have selected a few that are highly recommended in learning Japanese. Some apps will aide in teaching students hiragana or learning new vocabulary. Whilst others are more focused on producing own content like video or comic strips.

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