Japanese body worksheet
Japanese body worksheet hiragana

Draw Anpanman Dice Game

Simple game to play with little ones (big ones can enjoy this too). Students roll a die to determine which face part gets drawn. First person to draw all face parts is the winner. Can play up to 3 times on one sheet. also included is the same sheet but in hiragana.

  1. Whole class or small group of students
  2. First student rolls dice, ex. if student rolled a 2, then student would draw a mouth (kuchi)
  3. Next student rolls die and draws appropriate face part.
  4. If same number is rolled when student already has face part nothing happens and goes to next student.
  5. First to have whole face filled is winner.

*If possible you could use Japanese dice with Japanese kanji to make it a little more challenging.

Draw Anpanman’s Face
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