Japanese suki interview worksheet
Japanese interview suki
japanese suki interview

Interview Sheet - using 'suki'

Firstly an explanation on how to use the sentence ‘____ ga suki desu ka?’ is needed. Even modelling the sentence beforehand is recommended.

  1.  Students with their sheet search out other students and ask a question about the chosen picture.
  2. The replying student will either say ‘hai’ (yes) or ‘iie’ (no).
  3.  The student will record this with replying students name and a smiley face or a sad face.
  • The last empty box is for the student to draw something themselves to ask another student.


Student A: dancing ga suki desu ka ?

Student B: hai

cake ga suki desu ka?
= do you like cake ?

hai = yes
iie = no

  • This sentence is very similar to ‘__ ga suki desu’ which in English is ‘I like __’ the only difference is adding ‘ka’ to the end which changes this into a question.
Interview Sheet – using ‘suki’
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