Hiragana Pixel Party

Hiragana Pixel Party is an awesome game for kids to learn and practice their Hiragana. It combines listening to the correct hiragana whilst timing your jumps. Beginning very slow and easy progressing to quite fast paced and challenging.


Kana Quiz

If you ever want to test yourself on Hiragana this is the app for you. I use this to get kids to self test themselves on each individual row. If they are able to get over 75% I consider that a pass, then they go to the next row or belt in our case.


Sock Puppets - Voice recording

If you want students to actually speak and use their Japanese then a great way to do it is through Sock Puppets. Choose your sock puppet, each has their own distinct voice modification, then choose your background and any other objects you might want in the scene and record away. This free version has 60 seconds worth of recording which should be enough for most activities/speeches.


Trace and learn! Japanese

Another Hiragana tracing app, but this one is super simple. Really easy and quick to use, awesome for the little ones with nice big tracing guides.


Proffessor Ninja Japanese For Kids

I have only had a chance to use this app for a little while, but what I saw I really liked. Nice and colourful pictures, interactive tests with a timer so students can’t take forever reading the hiragana and a score at the end as well.


Learn Japanese!!

Another app I only had a little time on however I really did like the grammar features. This app unlike a lot of other Japanese learning apps helps with grammar and sentence structure which I think is something that is missing from many Japanese learning apps.