A great collection of Japanese learning links to assist both teachers and students. Some sites are aimed at students, whilst other are more tailored to teacher resources.

Japanese teaching resources for kids

Kids Web Japan

Filled with plenty of junior Japanese resources for both teachers and students. Visually very easy navigate with its Japanese manga style menu and images. More suited for students to roam around as there are many activities to interact with.

Japanese teaching resources

Japanese Learning Ideas

If you’re looking for ideas for activities or templates then I highly recommend Japanese Teaching Ideas.  Minimalist design to help you find what you’re looking for quickly. Lots and lots of resources to discover, so I’m sure you’ll find something useful to you.

Australian curriculum

Australian Curriculum - Japanese

Australian teachers hopefully already know about this site. Here you’ll find all the key concepts, strands general capabilities for Japanese. Its layout is quite nice and easy to use. Expand tabs for elaborations and examples on each year level and band.

Japanese dictionary


Need to find out a Japanese word or dumbfounded at a kanji character you’ve never seen before?  You’ll be able to look up words and phrases with ease in no time. There is an awesome tool that lets you write your kanji to find out what it is.

easy origami for kids

Easy Origami

Kids always love Japanese origami. Origami however can be quite difficult especially for the younger ones. Look around and you’ll find lots of easy origami especially for the little ones. Easy and clear instructions if you’re new to paper folding too.